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are in their early 20s. >> a san francisco supervisor wants to take action about the spike in cell phone and tablet that's in the city. supervisor scaups weiner city's robberies are critical to public safety and problems that must be addressed. he public safety and problems that must be addressed. he also calle police chief and district police chief and district attorney atten (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. >> new this morning. a new census data shows a clear as sustained drop in the legal immigration. if this is more than a decade of increases. the number of illegal immigrants in the united states dropped to 11.1 million last year after a speed of 12 million in 2007. for the first time since 1910 immigrants from asia top hispanic immigration. dimmer graf first city legal hispanic immigration is unlikely to approach is to meet 2000 peak a game. >> a suspect h
morning news continues. >> the opening bell on wall street a little nutcracker action which the ballet bringing in the morning bell. the question is what the santa claus rally continue? the dow features are up 33. it appears republicans and democrats are getting closer to a possible deal. we'll bring you the numbers on wall street throughout the day. >> now for the numbers on the weather front and they are low. >> you are right. and app but it is 28 degrees right now. the wind chill is 23 degrees. it is very cold up north. and oakland a wind chill is at 30 degrees. same for hayward where the current temperature is 34. it feels like 37 below freezing. 29 and pleasanton 36 in redwood city. sam francisco is 31 but the north bay temperatures are all in the upper 20s. well below the freezing mark. there is a freeze warning in the north bay because of freezing conditions. there is a frost advisory in effect until at 8:00 a.m.. colder temperatures are around sunrise, it will continue to get colder this morning. >> we are watching at the tens of hot spot for interstate 580 in the westbound com
swinging into action from this hurricane preparedness. and i looked and saw the tree. i at that point, it was a branch sticking out and i said you better go. the glass had already popped out because the bat was right underneath eat it. and right when he rolled over, just two seconds later, right underneath it -- it came down. >> a 75- ton crane had to be brought in ... to begin removing the tree from the house, >> new this morning... one person is dead after a house fire ripped a home in san francisco's ingleside heights neighborhood. the one-alarm fire was reported last night in the area of 60 saint charles avenue around 8:30. the fire was contained around 9... the victim's identity is not being released at this time. >> also new this morning... the contra costa county sheriff's office is investigating a homicide. it happened last night in pleasant hill. it was reported near the intersection of interstate highway 680 and concord avenue. no further details have been released. we will bring you updates as they become available. >> napa county sheriff's deputies are searching for an 85
to take action. the newtown united, a new form a group is calling for sensible gun legislation. >> we have 20 children that we are burying. >> we have learned that the day before her death, she just returned from a short trip to a luxury resort in new hampshire. in recent years she felt comfortable about leaving her son at home non-supervised. >> we're all going to continue to keep you updated with chilly conditions in the north bay. mid upper 20s. the thermometer, showing 26 decreased it is called we will be back. . it is cold 26-degrees.. >> welcome back. processions. taking a look at the markets this futures indicate the nasdaq in the positive, and the dow and the s and p in the negative. stocks end the day down. after little measurable progress was reported in the ongoing budget negotiations in washington. here's a look at yesterdays closing numbers. on wall street. the dow dropped 99-points. after posting 100-point gains over the past two days. both the nasdaq and s-and-p-500 lost 10-points. we'll be watching the stock market all morning index of stories.. >> airplane m
will have the power to demote or fire police chief as well as an action plan for carrying whatever form regarding the use of force an alleged racial profiling. >> compliance director's power to oppose this does limit to the command staff of the police department. >> the director also have to get approval from justice and money. but when this for canada's position will be submitted to the judge by december 21st. >> authorities in emeryville have arrested six goals and two teenagers in connection with the suspect a prostitution ring. >> other office conducted the operation last thursday a hotel in emeryville. >> that is where officials believe the process of selling was doing business. the 215 year-old teenagers were taken into custody and provide with counseling and medical service. >> developing new laws, four of five people accused in the deaths of a man found bound and gagged in a san francisco street have pleaded not guilty to the crime. >> the fifth suspect as posted bail and will be rain tomorrow. >> here is video from yesterday's arrangement. >> three of the suspect and charged wi
's actions and that he thought about doing the same thing. here is a photo of him. he was arrested at his home in suidun . police say wanted to prevent any possibility of an act of violence. >> this morning it is a little cooler compared to the last few mornings we could see some areas of pettifog maybe some north bay fog possible. >> fog is in napa where visibility is down to a mile. >> this afternoon partly cloudy conditions a slight chance for a stray showers in the north bay for today. otherwise it should be a decent day. tonight clear skies and temperatures will be cold. you will feel the temperatures dropping. we have frost advisers in the bay area in the north bay as well. for later tonight overnight and early tomorrow morning. >> temperatures now 47 in downtown san francisco. mid '40's in oakland. '30's for napa in santa rosa. 37 in the bottle. half moon bay upper '40's. >> we are running five or 10 degrees cooler--37 in the bottlnavado. >> is like a chance for a stray showers in the north bay. the bulk of the rain that we will see arriving in the bay area will not start until thu
and action that you have to see to believe it. >> before i tell you why this fight broke out you might want to finish what you are eating. >> if your looking for something to by this might be the place however, chances are he will get what you pay for. >> for example this man is carrying fedex box. this is a computer cable. which is an image of a laptop. most of us know that fedex does not advertise what is a the bottom it reads fed ex. >> he managed to sell the fed ex box not before he partially revealed what is inside. >> the fedex box put back in the bad in the sale is made. the buyers stuffed inside his backpack and lead but not before talking to me. >>. openness see what you have. >> this man with his hat on selling this by for $35. he wants something from it. >> i'm talking to you like a man. give me my picture. >> this man told me he was one of the whispers producers and wanted me to listen to a new group. >> this man tried to sell me a frozen chicken from a local church food giveaway. >> these women are regular they hit of food banks and get free food and resell it. >> despite the n
to disciplinary action. >> the surgeon is being considered to be suspended. the investigation has not been completed. it appears the san francisco police will be allowed to stay on the force. in san francisco ridgy kumar kron 4 news. >> a live look at the san mattel bridge on this friday morning were traffic is light. ?Ñ taking a look at the stock market this morning market futures indicate shows all three indexes in the positive. but stocks ended down yesterday. >> as the president and john boehner seemingly got nowhere on the fiscal cliff tops. >> here is a look at yesterday's close the numbers on wall street the dow dropped 75 points. >> the nasdaq san 22 to fall below 3000. >> and the s&p 500 lost nine points. >> the day iphone users have been waiting for has a right. >> bull has released its google maps mobile application with the iphone. the past three months iphone users have been stuck with apple maps which have been widely ridiculed. >> kron 4 tech reporter gave a slate shows us the new google maps. >> this is a must for any iphone user. what is interesting is this new version of
surrounding his second inauguration next month. my big money from lobbyists political action committees or foreign donors will not be accepted. obama had bad corporate donors for his 2009 inauguration and for the 2012 democratic national convention in charlotte n.c. last september. the average price of gas has dropped nearly 10¢ over the past three weeks. here's a look at the bay area gas prices. according to the triple a of the state average right now in california is $3.60 for regular gallon of gas. and sampras is the average is $3.70. and all glenn the price is $3.58 and in san jose be averaged is sitting at $3.57 a gallon. >> live 49 hours get back on track of a playoff plus. they won the game yesterday 27 to 13. collin kaepernick threw for 185 yds and no interception and ran for a late 50 yd touchdown. frank dore reached a thousand yards for the sixth time. the niners will now face the new eaton patriots next sunday at 520. >> if you like to turn out a shopping until last minute marathon macy's were you can go to any hour of the day. they will be open for non stop shopping the las
the police chief as well as that an action plan for carrying out some reforms. they will regard the use of force an alleged racial profiling. the compliance director's power to impose discipline is limited to the command staff of the police apartment. the director also have to get approval from a judge to spend money. recommendations for the cat is for the physician must be submitted by december 21st of the judge. oakland police are stopping 75% fewer drivers and pedestrians this year than they did three years ago. the sharp drop in in force and comes at the same time as a spike in crime and one of california's most dangerous cities. all the officers may more than 68,000 police stops in both 2008 and 2009. there were about 49,000 stocks and 2010 and 25,000 last year. there november of this year that been 14,400 stops. this means oakland police are on track to make just more than 15,700 stops this year. this is as you can see quite the decline. >> governor jerry brown is being treated for crop prostate cancer. the governor's office released a statement confirming his condition yesterday.
shooters action and that he thought about doing the same thing. here's a photo of him he was arrested at his arm and since then at least 81 to prevent any possibility of a violent act. >> police a woman was sexually assaulted while hiking on a popular east a tray and alamo last wednesday. investigators with east bay regional park police say the victim was inside the last trump was regional wilderness preserve and access the trail using the him avenue entrance. the woman and a male suspect crossed paths with he suddenly pulled her down to the ground. the suspect is being described as a white male in his '40's about 5 ft. 9 in. tall weigh 180 lbs. he would brown hair and a pointed nose. east bay regional park police they have increased patrols in the area along the trail. it is 623 a m and we are keeping eight i on weather and traffic. right now it is 44 degrees in walnut creek and we will see a high of 53 this afternoon. colder tomorrow morning. =dj >> is 626 and looking at gas prices this morning the national average continues to fall. here's a look at the average bay area average gas
pledging to take action. a newly formed group, at newtown united advocating what it calls sensible gun legislation. >> we have 20 children that have passed away and if we don't do this we have failed them. >> tomorrow will be a national day of morning. charges will bring their belts 26 the time for each victim at the exact time of the shootings. >> and bay area headlines police are investigating materials that were stored in a san mateo home. this is the 400 block of terret drive. authorities say the materials were not stable to move without potential of explosion and evacuate the block wall warning other residents. the san mateo county bomb squad was also called on to the scene. >> here is a quick look outside where conditions in the south bay are find traffic wise. it is cold, right down near the freezing mark. we will be back in a moment. >> there is a big drop on wall street with growing concerns that we will go off the fiscal cliff at the end of the year. better than expected news, the u.s. economy grew at 3.1% annualized rate of october through september. gm is buying back their
as retaliation for an american law that calls for action against russian officials who were found guilty of violating human rights. more than 60,000 russian children have been adopted by american families in the past two decades. >> opening bell on this friday it looks like dow futures are lower once again. the dow's down the 150. there was news that the house of representatives will be reconvening on sunday. the dow closed only at eight scene. we'll bring bringing numbers from wall street throughout the morning. >> we are taking a trade to storm tracker 4. we have a lot of moisture is sitting off shore. it is not hit landfall just yet but if you do feel it is like a heavy sprinkle. we have the potential for some rain later on today and that will increase as we head into the evening hours. we will have sent morning showers but really just an isolated spots. looking ahead, generally dry conditions and i believe we will see sunshine and temperatures a little warmer as we bring in 2013. future cast four into the 8:00 hour shows nothing but clouds and but we will remain trying. -- dry >> we
a good ride. there is a police action taking place out at the altamonte pass. first average check. the ride to the bay bridge looks great no backups no delays. no problems coming out of the macarthur maize. the san mateo bridge ride a smooth 11 minutes with light traffic in both directions. for your ride to and from the golden gate bridge overnight construction work wrapping up. there you see crews reconfiguring the pylons as they set up the bridge of the morning commute. adding to lanes in the north bound direction and removing the buffer lane for a fourth lane southbound. easy drive * 13-14 minutes hercules to berkeley no delays. no delays for interstate 580. there is as you can see here a little slow traffic in the eastbound direction. that may be the result of the police action that is reported at no. 4 and rolled a high-speed pursuit in which the houcalifornia highway patrol was involved is terminated and out of our area. the ride 101 in the north bound direction an easy commute from 85 to 237. 1 01 south bound an easy trip as you head towards the golden gate bridge. in easy
republican leaders. the conservative action networks in this alert supporters sang card rep tell your representative tax hikes are not part of the solution. the e-mail included a not so subtle threat saying this infamous pledge cost george h. w. bush reelection. >> read my lips. >> aware of the potential blow back that could imperil his leadership john boehner careful to include in other proposal leaders. including paul ryan who spent months on the campaign trail ordinance against tax increases. >> we will cut tax rates for small businesses and work with the family. >> house gop sources tell cnn they hope conservative black less is proof that we try to compromise. >> the house republican leadership is trying to move the process forward. frankly i had hoped we would be accomplishing more in the real talks that are going on privately. i can tell you being aware of those there is nothing going on privately that is going on publicly. >> off and other nationals former president george w. bush is making a new appeal for immigration reform mr. bush had pushed for an overhaul of the nation's
he was -- quote -- "deeply sorry for the actions that resulted in this limit in virginia. the deputy police chief says an investigation is underway to determine whether the killing was intentional or accidental. it was not known whether the victim was a military orthe nato military command says it's looking into the bay area's favorite way the biggest parties and heenan and gary radnich. in national news. demonstrators marched over participated in the march. protestors stopped in the middle of the iconic bridge to read the names of the children and adults killed at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. as the debate over how to happened in newtown connecticut continues. the national rifle the northbay was bombarded with heavy rainfall. in corte madera heavy rains kept some christmas shoppers at home. the rain brought with it flooding to many parts of the north bay. crews worked to clear roadways and make it safe for those who braved the >> i braved the rainfall, to get at the shopping done. >> a much needed break from the rain today will allow last minute shoppers to get their
for the kansas city chiefs. throughout the second quarter it would not leave. >> staying close to the action. >> he is holding down the field with them! >> a. raiders fan shot the video. >> no one step on the pigeon. dustup on the pigeon. >> there was a few near misses. literally they were blown away before they finally made it says a the other side. >> the pigeon was practically on the line of scrimmage. >> (cheers and applause) for get the raiders and the chiefs led the crowd was rooting for the pigeon. the specimen number 65 took a swipe at the bird with his foot to get out of harm's way. >> (cheers and applause) why do you have to hate bro. >> some reports and it is funny that you focused on the bird and not the game. >> did you see the score? there was not a touchdown during the whole game. >> the raiders won with a field goal. the bird was themvpmvp. >> the original cooperating as the p a blared the song free bird. >> ♪ finally the pigeon was scooped up and deposited in the bucket. of course there were jokes. indeed the raiders had thought the sun the pigeon to a contract. the jets h
last action was leaving this our station. this was his home. he was here all the time. in a natural after the body was released that he be brought back where it started. >> he and another firefighter or both the west webster firefighters. the two men were good friends. there were killed were all responding to a fire. >> he did his job pretty much unnoticed. he did not look for anything sword anything like that. he just did what he to be done. >> his personality was such that he could make you laugh. he would find something to laugh about. he did it naturally. >> amidst the pay increase the firefighters returned to work the next day on christmas. we want him to return to a point of normalcy as quickly as possible. i've easily will come equipped. the few once they go on quite frankly they may be looking over their shoulder. at some point in time this organization has to get back to what we do. >> a filling in for west webster barrier by departments left. west webster pulled knowing if needed they have the support of the community and their brother firefighters. >> we are family. broth
jump into action and save their lives. >> when i open the room door i saw a bunch of black smoke. we saw fire. i heard my x scream and say something. everything happened so quickly. i could not see her. >> at for the kids out of the window. family members say the mother is grieving for her little growth in the sun had the strength to talk. they kept watch outside of the apart when she is living. she was loving and caring. >> in san jose reggie kumar kron 4 news. >> three people are recovering from injuries after a vehicle crashed into a funeral home in concord. >> police say the car crashed into the quimet brothers phil rome shortly after 1:00 yesterday afternoon. >> they're the funeral service in progress at the time of the crash. >> police say to teens, and is 15 and 161 the vehicle at the time of the crash. >> they struck a funeral home there were two people inside and there were both juveniles. there were transported to a local hospital and all the parties are in stable condition. >> police said the funeral home suffered significant damage. investigators believe the teens in the
much talking and not enough action. this is an opportunity for reply acting get rid of guns they do not use that they do not need. there are too often stolen. >> this is a hugely successful program the city says it will destroy the guns is given. says the buyback program started in 2009, lawson was has collected 8000 weapons. >> the time now is 4:27. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news more your forecast. and live look outside at walnut creek we are waking up to chilly conditions is morning more details on your forecast when we come back. wel;come the time is4:30. to in live look at the golden gate bridge. the weather should be not be a major factor. >> scarrves are the present to get. it will be cold as we head into the regioweek end. >> the temperatures will continue to drop as we approach sunrise. overall sunny conditions in dry in pleasant weather on tap for today. tomorrow we have changes. wet weather is bad in the forecast. not a huge rain maker. definitely not what we experience today. as a look ahead at rain on saturday. sunday is going to be a dry one but a little bit
to take action if that were to occur. >> u.s. officials say he could use shells that-this is 500 more times daily then sign not one drop in killing person in name matter of minutes. i am mary ellen hawkins reporting. >> will follow the latest in syrria will let you know if and when things escalate. will take a quick break we have a live look outside from one of creek. we are looking at the ride on 680. erica is reminding us that we do have showers in store for later today and tomorrow. keep that in mind as you are making plans. we'll be right back. welcome back the time is 4: 40. on your tuesday morning and warning from the center of disease control that is coming flu season to be a particularly bad one. kron 4 stand firm and has more. >> if you have not gotten a flu shot you want to consider it. doctors say the flu season is arriving earlier than usual. >> is unusual that peaks in december. usually january is the main piece of the season. this year it looks like on the eastern part of the united states is building up steam. >> dr. randy burton kaiser and walnut creek says the strain
senator john mccain says it may be time to take action. >> it is true these reports naming the nine states and our allies are facing the prospect of an imminent use of a weapon of mass destruction in syria. this may be the last morning we get. the time for talking-- >> and the pole from the associated press five president of brock obamas operating inside. americans are divided on what kind of president he had been. obamas approval rating stands at 57% rise as the raid that killed osama bin live in. 37 percent say obama have been average-- above average or outstanding of 36 percent say he's been below average. another 25 percent say is just average. >> more than 2000 people are expected at pearl harbor today to mark the 71st anniversary of the japanese attack that killed thousands of people and pull the u.s. and you--world war two. a moment of silence is planned for 755 local time today marking the moment the bombing began. the crew of a guided missile destroyer was banned on deck while the ship passes the uss arizona, a battleship that still lies in the harbor where it sank. hawaii nationa
lobbyists political action committees or foreign donors will not be accepted. obama had bad corporate donors for his 2009 inauguration and for the 2012 democratic national convention in charlotte north carolina last september. the average price of gas has dropped nearly 10¢ over the past three weeks. here's a look at bay area gas prices. according to aaa the state average right now is $3.60 for the average gallon of gas. in san francisco $3.70. an oakland using the gas for $3.58 a gallon and san jose $3.57 a gallon. >> a program reminder of bay area's their way rain in the new year's is always with kron4. the biggest party is a spectacular fireworks with all on kron4 with gary radnich and catherine he and perr is a look at the bay bridge in traffic is starting to grow but it is still moving. we will be back. north korea says it's extending the launch. for a controversial long-range rocket by another week until december 29th. the north korean committee of space and technology told the state media that scientists found a technical deficiency in the first phase control engine module of the roc
're coming up real quick. it's not just today is action for the next three days we will see these so- called king tides. friday and tomorrow morning will be the biggest of the three days. another thing is it is windy and no rain is coming and sideways in pacifica. if you're any of those low- lying areas around the bay are the ocean be aware that the tide will be extremely high for the next couple of days. major you stand back out here obviously. >> we're watching the marin county north fell 1 01 exit closed yesterday do the high tides around the bay with flooding. we are expecting that again today tomorrow and probably friday. for the next two mornings it will be for an update on bay area weather were tracking storms coming through the erica kato >> good morning we have light showers are around the bay area this morning. forces of the bay area as an nfl of palo love. you can see sam francisco and los showers have pushed the way east. the bay bridge toll plaza and the lower east shore freeway can see we're starting to dry things out. you could still encounter some damp roadways. portions of h
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24